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1.What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance provides you with the support and financial resources necessary to cover the out-of-pocket expenses for care at home or in a facility, when you can no longer care for yourself.

2.Who should consider Long Term Care Insurance?

You're planning for your retirement and want to protect your assets and/or your estate.

You want flexibility and control so you won't have to rely on the government or others for your care.

You want freedom and the ability to choose the type and level of care you want.

You're expected to be a caregiver for your spouse or parent and would like to have the financial freedom to care for them - you can insure them and protect yourself.

3.Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance

It is difficult to rely on family members for weeks, months and years on end when chronic ailments or old age makes you dependent. Home care institutions and skilled nursing care come with high costs.

Long Term Insurance makes it easy to cover such costs and recurring expenses for your medical assistance without burdening others financially.

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