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1. What is Insured Retirement Plan?

The Insured Retirement Plan provides a corporation with valuable life insurance protection on a key person or shareholder and the opportunity to access policy values tax-free in the future for retirement or any other emergency needs.


2. Who should consider Insured Retirement Plan?

Business owners or key shareholders who have a corporate surplus and want to benefit from the tax-preferred growth of an exempt life insurance policy.


3. Benefits of Retirement Compensation Arrangements

Under current tax law, the cash value in a life insurance policy accumulates tax-free, up to certain limits. The Insured Retirement Plan lets you use that cash value at a point in the future. Whether you want to supplement retirement income, purchase a vacation property or go on a trip, the Insured Retirement Plan lets you use your policys cash value as collateral for a bank loan. This bank loan provides the cash you desire and you receive it tax-free. The loan doesn't have to be repaid until the life insured dies. When the insured person dies, the tax-free death benefit is used to repay the loan. Once the loan is repaid, any remaining death benefit is then paid to the policys beneficiary.


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