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1. What is Disability Insurance?

When you are disabled, there is no guarantee of income thereafter. Disability insurance protects you and your family from this sudden loss of income as a result of accidents, injury or disease.

2. Who should consider Disability Insurance?

Anyone can incur disability at any time. Young adults have a far greater chance of disability before the age of 65. Better safe than sorry. You can opt for two policies to cover you in the case of disability:

  • Accident only or
  • Accident or illness

3. Benefits of Disability Insurance

There are several reasons to consider Disability Insurance:

  • Work compensation covers only work-related accidents.
  • Unemployment insurance seldom covers more than 15 weeks.
  • Government pension plans can change without warning.

Custom designed Disability Insurance Plan is the only way to safeguarded you financially through guaranteed premiums and coverage.

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