Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • For visiting friends and relatives, new immigrants, returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage, work permit and student visa holders, we offer Visitors to Canada Insurance.
  • Our Visitors to Canada Insurance Plans cover 30 short trips to any country worldwide, made any time before, during or after your visit to Canada. The coverage does not include short trips to the country of origin.
  • The applicant has to make sure that at least 51% of the insured period is in Canada with no gaps in coverage to qualify
  • If insurance is purchased before arrival in Canada and the effective date of the policy falls on the arrival date, there is no medical coverage during the waiting period
Advantages of our Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • Enjoy substantial savings on family coverage.
  • Avail of additional coverage worth $50,000 for accidents with the $100,000 policy option.
  • In the event of accidental death and dismemberment, $10,000 coverage is offered There is no maximum age limit.
  • A choice of several deductible options on claims is offered that are applicable per person on each policy.
Super Visa Insurance
You need to purchase private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company to have your parent or grandparent qualify for a Super Visa. Make sure that the insurance meets the following requirements:
  • Valid for a minimum of one year
  • Covers health care, hospitalization and repatriation costs
  • Covers a minimum of $100,000
  • Valid for each entry to Canada
  • Available for review by a port of entry office
Special Privileges on our Super Visa insurance policy
Our Super Visa insurance policy offers you several privileges that go beyond regular plans offered by others. See how you stand to gain:
  • Additional coverage of $50,000 with $100,000 insurance option to cover unexpected accidents and emergencies.
  • Deductibles are applied on a per policy per person basis. Other companies apply deductibles to each policy claim.
  • Special visit privileges in an emergency during treatment.
Please browse through our visitor policy to learn about many other advantages.
Premium refund rules on our Super Visa Insurance.
The Visitor to Canada policy issued for a Super Visa adheres to the rules and requirements set down by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You are allowed to cancel or claim refund only under certain circumstances:
  • Before the effective coverage date:
    • You need to provide proof of Super Visa application refusal by CIC with a copy of the refusal letter
    • You need to provide proof of the applicant’s death before arrival with a copy of the death certificate
    • You need to provide an affidavit from the sponsor in the case of visa application withdrawal
  • After the effective coverage date:
    • You need to provide a copy of the death certificate if the insured applicant dies after arrival
    • You need to provide the boarding pass or proof of departure if the insured applicant returns to their country of origin.
  • An administration fee of $50 is required in all the above cases. However, no refund is available for a claim made under the policy.
  • When issuing the policy, please make sure that there is enough time to get the Super Visa before the effective date of arrival. If the applicant arrives 6 months or later after the effective date registered in the original policy or if the Super Visa has not been granted till then, we will postpone the effective date to a later one.
  • If the applicant is expected to arrive within 3 months of the original effective date, the policy can be made pending from the re-scheduled date. Just inform us of your policy number to see it through.
  • Please notify us on all changes at least 30 days before your effective policy date to avoid incurring penalties. Every time your effective date is changed after this 30-day period, you will be charged with $25 administration fee.
  • With your visa application to the government, you need to include proof that you have purchased a 365-day, $100,000 emergency medical insurance policy.
  • You must pay the first two months of insurance premium (two-twelfths of the annual premium) plus a $50 policy fee when the policy is first purchased. You won’t know your actual arrival date until the government makes its decision about your visa, so you should NOT Activate the policy now. The Effective Date and Arrival Date on the policy should match the date you’re indicating as your “intended” arrival date on your visa application.
  • Leave the insurance policy in a “Pending” status until the visa decision is reached. No further action is required until the government reaches its decision.
  • If the visa application is refused, send us a copy of the refusal letter and we will refund everything except the $50 fee
  • If the Super Visa is granted, contact us to pay your third monthly premium and Activate coverage once the actual arrival date has been determined. You must contact us to activate prior to arrival for two reasons;
    • You will need new paperwork to match your actual arrival date so you can prove insurance when you enter Canada.
    • Warning - Failure to Activate prior to arrival means you will have no coverage upon arrival; your coverage will not commence until you pay the third premium and your policy will have a waiting period once it is finally Activated. Claims will not be honoured on a Pending policy that has not been properly Activated

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