Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • For visiting friends and relatives, new immigrants, returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage, work permit and student visa holders, we offer Visitors to Canada Insurance.
  • Our Visitors to Canada Insurance Plans cover 30 short trips to any country worldwide, made any time before, during or after your visit to Canada. The coverage does not include short trips to the country of origin.
  • The applicant has to make sure that at least 51% of the insured period is in Canada with no gaps in coverage to qualify
  • If insurance is purchased before arrival in Canada and the effective date of the policy falls on the arrival date, there is no medical coverage during the waiting period
Advantages of our Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • Enjoy substantial savings on family coverage.
  • Avail of additional coverage worth $50,000 for accidents with the $100,000 policy option.
  • In the event of accidental death and dismemberment, $10,000 coverage is offered There is no maximum age limit.
  • A choice of several deductible options on claims is offered that are applicable per person on each policy.


Can you explain Visitors to Canada insurance?
Visitors to Canada insurance helps travellers to Canada cover unexpected health emergency costs, medical expenses and financial losses.

Is it important to have Travel Visitors Insurance?
Health care and hospital expenses in Canada can amount to more than you expected. Local health care plans from your home country may not be applicable in Canada. It is important to have Travel Visitors Insurance to save you and your family thousands of dollars on treatment and medical care in emergency situations.

Who can apply for Visitors to Canada travel insurance?
Visiting friends and relatives, new immigrants waiting for their provincial health insurance plans and students with a work visa are all covered under the Visitor’s Insurance plan.

What is the coverage option limit?
The insurance plan offers a choice of maximum limits from $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 to $150,000.

What are the benefits covered under the Visitors to Canada Insurance plan?
The Visitors to Canada plan covers several medical emergency costs:
Dental pain and accidents
Ambulance transportation
Emergency return
Physician treatment
Diagnostic treatment
Treatment under a health-care practitioner
Regular hospital ward charges
Out-patient charges
Private nursing
Prescribed medicines
Death and dismemberment in accidents

Can I get family coverage?
Yes, you can get coverage for your spouse, dependent children and family members under 60 years of age

How can I extend my coverage if I stay on for longer?
Just make sure you apply for coverage extension before the last date of your scheduled departure from Canada. Medical claim extension is subject to approval. If you have not made medical claims since the effective dateo f insurance, extension can be issued on request. If you have a pending medical claim, a minimum premium of $25 will apply to each extension.

Can I get a refund?
There is no premium refunded if a claim has been paid or is pending under this policy. Refunds can be claimed for unused days of the trip only if you return home before the scheduled day. If the policy is cancelled at any time otherwise, a 25% administration fee will be charged.

How can I apply for coverage before I visit Canada?
You can have a friend or relative apply for the Visitors to Canada coverage on your behalf. Just ensure that the applicant is aware of your health history to accurately complete the form. If information is incorrect, the application can be rejected.

How can I apply when I am unsure of the exact arrival date?
Visitors and new immigrants to Canada are often required to show proof of health insurance coverage in Canada before they are granted a visa.The policy status can be placed as pending until travel dates are finalized. Once the dates are confirmed, the policy can be updated.

Are there any applicable discounts on Visitor to Canada Insurance?
There is no discount on the Visitor to Canada insurance. Group discounts can be considered on special request if you are part of a bigger group of at least 10 people.

Do I need to review my policy?
Yes, please review your insurance documentation to understand your coverage benefits. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do I need to carry my insurance wallet card at all times?
Yes, you must carry your insurance wallet card with you at all times. Your wallet card contains the Emergency Assistance Hotline number that you need to call in a medical emergency.

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