Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • For visiting friends and relatives, new immigrants, returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage, work permit and student visa holders, we offer Visitors to Canada Insurance.
  • Our Visitors to Canada Insurance Plans cover 30 short trips to any country worldwide, made any time before, during or after your visit to Canada. The coverage does not include short trips to the country of origin.
  • The applicant has to make sure that at least 51% of the insured period is in Canada with no gaps in coverage to qualify
  • If insurance is purchased before arrival in Canada and the effective date of the policy falls on the arrival date, there is no medical coverage during the waiting period
Advantages of our Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • Enjoy substantial savings on family coverage.
  • Avail of additional coverage worth $50,000 for accidents with the $100,000 policy option.
  • In the event of accidental death and dismemberment, $10,000 coverage is offered There is no maximum age limit.
  • A choice of several deductible options on claims is offered that are applicable per person on each policy.

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