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The overall wellness of an employee is particularly relevant to ensure maximum concentration and dedication which often times culminates into growth and success of any organization. More than ever, there is an increasing awareness on the importance of employee wellness and how this dramatically translates into company success. If you are a business owner you must recognize the unarguable importance of various forms of benefits, plans programs and pensions and how they positively impact on your business.

However, in the bid to provide complete wellness and quality health that is required for employee efficiency, pensions and physical healthcare may not be adequate in alleviating the mental and emotional stress employees’ encounter in their daily lives. Most times there are unforeseen issues that could engender unfavorable situations. It is therefore imperative to offer programs that benefits mental health and wellness. One of such programs is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

An EAP an employee targeted initiative that is intended to help employees and their dependents deal with personal problems that may hinder job performance. The program provides counseling sessions by phone or face to face, and representatives can provide referrals for personal needs, online resources and education.

Let us assume you find out an employee has to move her elderly mother into a supportive care home. Consequently, the employee is stressed out and takes several days off. If there is an EAP initiative in place this quagmire can easily be handled and cushioned. Through the EAP initiative an employee in this situation can easily contact the EAP, outline her circumstances and the EAP representative would search to find any available care home that meets the needs of the mother. The ultimate goal of the EAP is to provide support for employees’, reducing stress considerably while improving employees’ productivity.

Another example that adequately demonstrates the role of the EAP initiative is as follows: an employee’s youngest child has moved from Ontario to B.C. to attend university. The employee finds the transition difficult, so he can call the EAP for support and counseling.

Media’s misrepresentation of EAP which was perpetuated through emphasis on just the mental health and wellness aspect of the plan has caused prices of the EAP to decline. Today’s rates are almost half of what they were 10 years ago, and depend on an assumed utilization of the plan. The EAP does much more than providing counsel. It is actively involved in assisting employees through relevant suggestions, and initiatives that would help reduce stress. The program is targeted at identifying individual challenges affecting employees and tackling them with the end goal of creating happier employees and better work environment.

As an employer, how does an EAP benefit you? The EAP can help keep your employees happier and healthier at work which is crucial to company’s success. It may help reduce absenteeism and increase employees’ productivity. As an added function, EAP can also help you recruit and keep good employees.

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