10 Dominant Business Women of Pakistan

Following is the listing of top business women of Pakistan who’ve made their mark through sheer effort and commitment:

Jehan Ara is among the most effective entrepreneurs of Pakistan. She's presently the president of Pakistan Software Houses Association, which holds a notable position as one of the top IT companies around the world. Apart from being a business lady, she's also a passionate social activist along with a great motivation for ambitious people, and so representing the dominant business women of Pakistan.

Marium Afzal is among the leading business women in Pakistan. She's presently serving the Punjab government of Pakistan, through the development of citizen’s feedback technology in colaboration with World Bank. She is also considered as of one of the dominant business women of Pakistan.

Saba Gul is definitely an engineer that has moved from as being a technical professional to probably the most effective entrepreneurs of Pakistan.She has earned 2 degrees from MIT, and worked in Silicon Valley for a while before finally relocating to Pakistan. In Pakistan, she established her very own fashion enterprise BLISS and it is now recognized among the top business women of Pakistan.

Roshaneh Zafar left her World Bank career to be able to establish Kashf Foundation which holds an achievement to be the very first microfinance institution of Pakistan, established in 1996. Today, her firm ranks as one of the top microfinance institutions around the globe, as declared through the Forbes’s list.

Shahnaz Wazir Ali is a politician and business woman of Pakistan. She's served the previous leader of Pakistan being a consultant and is the mastermind behind Benazir Income Support Programme. Through her effort and dedication, the government’s BISP has become among the greatest social cash transfer programs in Pakistan, that has greatly assisted poor families throughout the country.

Maria Umar is a superb supply of inspiration for contemporary women. She's considered among the most influential business women of Pakistan. She began her very own company after departing the teaching profession and established an IT solution company known as The Women’s Digital League which serves women by helping them earn straight from their homes.

Saniya Waqar Shaffi is really a youthful and energetic entrepreneur of Pakistan that has became a member of the corporate world having a mission. She's stated that Pakistan is among the top populous nations around the globe where women hold a substantial majority, and aims to utilize full vigor and to achieve the very best business hierarchy. She is truly an inspiration to the female youths of Pakistan.

Ambarine Bukharey started her Gemstone export business in 1989. She's been going through the good and the bad of the corporate world at any given time when nobody really understood what “Entrepreneur” meant, especially in Pakistan. She needed to face plenty of problems along with a formidable resistance when she visited Peshawar to buy gems during early years. Since then, she has not looked back.

Alia Khan is a business woman, currently running two successful businesses; the Oyester Fabrics and Al-Huda Mustaqeem Travels & Tours. She is truly an inspiration for modern women of Pakistan today. Through her efforts, she's established herself like a great entrepreneur among the dominant business women of Pakistan.

Kalsoom Lakhani is the founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate. She is among the respected entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Her company provides support to seed-stage social businesses by having an essential achieve to capital in new marketplaces.

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